Welcome to Farnham Medical Practice

Opening Hours: 9am – 5:30pm Monday-Friday. Closed from 12:30pm – 2:30pm.
Thursday: 9am – 12:30pm only.

Contact: +353 49 436 1700
Out of hours contact NEDOC
Call: 1850 777 911 (for emergencies only)

Our Medical Services

Childhood Vaccinations

We offer childhood vaccinations in accordance with the National Childhood Immunisation Programme.

This is a free service to children.
Parents can make an appointment with our practice nurses to receive their course of the 6 in one vaccine, meningococcal vaccine and the MMR vaccine.

The booster vaccine at 4-5 years of age is usually given in school.

Under Sixes

Our practice is participating in the under 6 GP care scheme.
You can register for this scheme by going to
You will need to provide a PPS number for the child and for the parent/guardian.

The under 6’s GP visit card covers:
Free GP visits
Assessments at age 2 and 5 years old
Care for children with asthma

Women's Health

Our practice offers a full range of services for women.
These include the following:
Preconception and fertility advice
If you are planning to become pregnant we can provide advice, arrange tests and discuss any problems as necessary.
All doctors working in the surgery can provide contraceptive advice. This will include advice on various types and suitability.

We offer a full range of options including Mirena Coil and Implanon insertion.

We provide a full assessment and detailed advice on management strategies for this condition.
Cervical Screening
Cervical Screening is available at the practice through Cervical Check, the national cervical screening programme.

Smear tests are free to all women aged 25 -60. Between the ages of 25 -44 you are entitled to a smear test once every 3 years. If you are between 45-60, you will be invited for a smear every 5 years.

Log on to to register. Alternatively, phone 1800 45 45 55. Please bring your invitation letter and PPS number to your appointment.

Breast check

We advise all women to perform regular self checks for breast lumps.

If you find a lump we will provide an urgent assessment and refer appropriately.

You can also log on to www.2.hse.iebreastscreening


Mother and Baby Care

Ante Natal Care

Routine ante natal care is free to all patients of the practice under the HSE Mother and Infant Care scheme.

This entitles mothers to 6 antenatal and 2 post natal visits free of charge.

Please note visits not linked to antenatal care will incur a fee (if applicable). Further details available on request.

Practice Nurse

Our Practice Nurses carry out a wide range of services. These include;

Blood tests
Blood pressure check
24 hour ABPM
Life style advice including weight management and exercise
Cervical Smear test
Ante natal/ Post natal care
Diabetes care
Near patient Warfarin testing
Smoking cessation advice
Chronic disease management

Health Check

At Farnham Medical we give priority to preventative medicine with an emphasis on screening and early disease detection.
Our Health Check is a comprehensive and thorough medical check up.
It is recommended for patients between the ages of 40-70 but is available for all adults. The practice nurse will carry out the initial assessment and this will include:
Blood Pressure
Fasting Bloods

The GP will address any concerns you may have. Additional investigations can be arranged as necessary.

Student Health

The Practice provides weekly clinics during the academic year in Cavan Institute, a third level college in Cavan town.

We provide an open and accessible service to cater for the needs of young people.

Minor Surgery

The practice offers a variety of minor surgical services eg joint injections.

Practice Nurses hold a cryotherapy clinic every
Tuesday for the removal of warts, verrucae etc…

Appropriate referrals for specialist opinions can also be arranged if required.

Occupational Health

The practice provides an extensive occupational health service to local government bodies and other major employers in the Cavan area.

Our clients include:
Cavan County Council
An Post
Department of Defence
Our service includes:
Pre employment medicals
Occupational health assessments

Dr. Prior holds the Licentiateship of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. If your company requires a specific medical service, please contact our staff and we will try to meet your needs.


Spirometry allows us to assess a patient’s lung capacity.

It is very useful in diagnosing asthma, COPD and other airway diseases.

Near Patient Warfarin Testing

Warfarin clinics are run regularly in the practice for the monitoring of all patients on Warfarin.

It is important to make an appointment with the nurses between 9.30-12 pm.

Results are usually available quickly and dose adjustments advised accordingly.

Hospice/Palliative Care

The practice provides a regular service to St. Christopher’s Hospice which is situated just outside Cavan town. The hospice provides short/long term care for a variety of long term illnesses as well as patients who require respite care.

The practice liaises with the local Consultant led palliative care team in relation to management issues regarding patient care.


Audiology /Hearing Assessment Clinic

An Audiology /Hearing Assessment clinic is held every two weeks in the practice.

Please contact Patricia Curran BA (Hons) HAA Sip M.I.S.H.

Telephone 047 71936


Tara Lovett (Diploma Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy) is available for consultation in relation to a wide variety of psychological problems.

She has extensive experience in both the private and public sector. Her areas of special interest are supportive psychotherapy and the management of anxiety and depression.

Her contact details are available upon request
or alternatively 087 2272457.